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Get a free check list for the perfect kitchen remodel and tips provided by top remodellers. 

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Benefits of magicplan

Instant & Unlimited floor plans on your phone or tablet.

Plan budgets, and calculate material costs based on our dynamic 2D/3D floor plan system. Now you can manage entire home remodels and renovation projects on your phone. Share with contractors to have a central hub for in-field progress reports.

  • Create floor plans on your phone
  • Document work progress & manage teams directly on the floor plan
  • Export reports and cost estimation PDFs
Getting started

How magicplan works

Draw, sketch or scan. No matter how you want, you can create an 100% accurate floor plan on your phone or tablet in minutes.
Your property investment's new information vault. Assign tasks, get progress reports and document all work done on the floor plan.
Talk with contractors and other stakeholders with confidence. Share your progress reports, measurements, photos, and estimates.

Get your FREE checklist for the perfect kitchen remodel

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Manages remodels like magic

Document your property remodels all in one place

A digital wallet for your properties. Keep track of your remodeling projects, access measurements, materials, costs, and labor needed. Visual floor plans in 2D & 3D on the fly. Create new interior layouts effortlessly and collaborate with others.

Kitchen 3D floor plan
  • Instant floor plans
  • 2D/3D Plans & Objects
  • Perspective mode
  • Document Progress
  • Costs and time management

Instant floor plans, no more pen & paper!

the build show

As seen on The Build Show:

Doug Cameron demos magicplan see it here.

Design floor plans how you want with your mobile device - No more pen & paper!

Visualize your projects like never before

lauries kitchen remodel

Our FREE 3D mode is designed to help you visualize.

Watch our video on converting a basement into a rental property.

Align wall elements with precision

Frame 6-1

Design kitchen and wall layouts with an intuitive front view mode.

Get precise and perfect alignment directly on your floor plan.  

Track progress with photos & notes

rachel artega property

Create structured reports with sketches, photos, and notes that everyone understands.

Manage material costs and waste based on your plans


Reduce waste of materials & time. Our Dynamic pricing system calculates material usage for all building materials and accounts for potential waste. Adjust or change costs on the fly, keep your materials list always on hand or share with others.

Trusted by millions of contractors

1.2M+ Yearly reports
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