magicplan: Restorers secret weapon.

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  • Measure & sketch plans in seconds
  • Collect, organize & share project data
  • Punch out estimates on site
  • Collect insurance payments faster
  • Free account and price list setup
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Available on iOS & Android.

Last week, 73932 projects were managed using magicplan.

Why magicplan?

We understand the unique challenges of restoration professionals

With magicplan, you and your team will be able to instantly create and share floor plans, field reports, and estimates with one easy-to-use mobile application. Suitable for restoration jobs of all sizes:

  • Water, wind, fire & smoke damage mitigation & restoration
  • Mold remediation & removal
  • Reconstruction & remodeling
  • Biohazard & trauma, crime scene, small particle cleanup
  • Sewage remediation
One of the best, next to no drawbacks.

I have been using this program for the last 2 years and it’s great for work that I do. It has gained me more work as I can attend a claim and supply the sketch and quote before I leave the premises. My flooring contractors even use my sketch as it is accurate enough for them to complete the work they need to.



What is magicplan?

The #1 field app for restoration pros

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Available on iOS & Android.


Sketching, Reporting and Estimating all in one solution

We offer an easy way to survey the extend of the damage & collect job specs, including measurements, sketches, photos, markups, notes, cost estimates and more.
magicplan helps you connect your team and understand what's happening on restoration sites in real-time - without even having to go there.


Measuring & Sketching

We use state-of-the-art tech with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to measure and sketch interior plans in 2D & 3D.


Add photos, 360° images, notes, custom forms, and markups to create structured reports that eliminate any risk of confusion.


We developed a way to combine take-off and estimate to automatically calculate pricing on your mobile device.

Share Restoration Project Data

Access all projects through the magicplan Cloud, generate high-quality PDF reports, or create a shareable project page for your customer, the adjuster and subcontractors.

All Data In Context

Structured data is the foundation of an efficient workflow - this is what makes magicplan unique. All data collected by your team is automatically structured, providing full contextual understanding.
What our customers say

"magicplan is a phenomenal tool for us"

Where magicplan helps

Fully integrated into your restoration workflow


Pre-Sales Process

Inspect the property, assess the damage & collect all job data on your first client visit – get the confirmation for your estimate and provide a quote to customers & insurance adjusters before you leave the property.


Restoration Management

Adding notes and photos while the job is in progress increases transparency and ensures everything is on track. Central access to project data enables a bird‘s eye view on the status quo.



No matter how good you are, customer and insurance disputes happen. Having all project details stored enables you to enter a discussion with confidence and convincing arguments to make sure you get paid in time.


Easily integrate magicplan with your current software solutions to make sure our app fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. For customized integrations, please get in contact with our sales team.

Start benefitting from magicplan today.
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Available on iOS & Android.

"By using magicplan, we're on track to getting projects approved within 45 minutes. Before, it took us up to three weeks."
Christoph Oberhoff
Project Manager of B&O Group
"We tremendously improved the accuracy of our measurements which allowed us to optimize the quotes we provide to our customers."
Dorian Violleau
Head of Application Integration of Coren Renovation
"With the addition of magicplan to our current mobile technology we have the capability to complete full floor plans for our inspection product. magicplan has been a pleasure to work with."
Brett Karol
Vice President of GroundWorks Inspection
Who is magicplan for?

Everyone benefits from magicplan.

  • Owners & project managers get an initial project scope & stay on top of job progress.
  • Insurance adjusters receive the necessary claim data to support fast approval & payments.
  • Contractors on-site spend less time manually collecting, organizing & sharing crucial info.
  • Admins don't waste time with redundant communication between the office & the field.
  • Customers know the job gets done on schedule, without exceeding budget.

More than 20 million downloads.
Used by professionals all around the world.

Bria Evans
Brilliant Floor layout planning app

Very easy to use and excellent communication and support from the Magicplan team

Perfect for the smaller guy

This app is truly a gift. I will do away with my $2500.00 a month Exactimate! Takes a little practice.... using a compatible bosh laser tape takes care of most of the user issues. I think you have to be a professional to truly understand the power of this app. Perfect for the smaller guy... who needs to really watch overheads. Perfect for the bigger guy to collect a initial scope. Thank you!!!

Best app on the market

If your in the building game and you don't have this app you are wasting time. It is so easy to use with so many features it is a must have for flooring contractors.

It basically paid for my iPad Pro

Out of the box 3 years ago I used it with my first project using my new iPad Pro and I was done measuring out a small warehouse in SF and it paid for it’s self. The although the assets library needs a few more items for commercial office.

Ton Mickelson
No architects needed

I rehab properties. I use it to draw the plan for the city instead of paying architect to do for $500. Easy to use.


Just want to say this is the greatest app for contractors, if you are a contractor get this app it will triple your money just by showing the potential look for your customers!

This app is totally perfect for building woaw I love it

I love this app and I will encourage everyone to download this app coz it's very very very nice for Architecture drawing and surveyors and anyone who is into building

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