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Fire Investigation Software

Instantly sketch and document any fire scene

Optimize your fire investigation process by creating structured reports with sketches, photos, and notes for a faster assessment of the scene, adhering to NFPA 921 standards.

Fire scene investigation report pdf with photos of the property assessment inspection and details collected through questionnaire

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The Smarter Way of Doing Fire Scene Reports

Simplify Origin and Cause Determination

Minimize the risk of errors and omissions by standardizing your documentation process, and easily create and upload NFPA 921 compliant forms for on and off-site completion.
Apartment 2D floor plan sketch fire scene questionnaire checklist nfpa 921 compliance in an ipad pro with annotation icons
Collaborate & Visualize

Unlimited storage & collaboration options

Collaborate on all your fire investigation projects from one place. Easily share your projects with colleagues, experts, and fire marshals by adding comments and tagging others to ensure everyone is on the same page.

magicplan Fire inspection projects workspace on an ipad pro with projects' floor plan sketches with employee comment of the electrical anomalies

AR Scanning Technology for Fire Investigations

Analyzing complex scenes can be challenging without the right tools. Start identifying potential evidence, reconstructing events, and presenting findings in a visually compelling manner using AR scanning technology.


What customers are saying about magicplan

Tom GassenmeyerSantec Sanierung

"With magicplan, we can work much more effectively outside of the office. Anyone can send a drawing from outside, while on the road, and can also access it again and change things." Read more ➝

Alex MarsangoProkil Damp & Timber

"When a client looks at one of our reports, which is quite comprehensive, and then sees that we have a nice, detailed plan that looks professional, I think it helps give more credibility to our company." Read more ➝

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Stefan DixonBetta Group

"magicplan increases the quality of our product. We use magicplan as an easy way to add a floor plan to any building inspection report or condition assessment." Read more ➝

Comprehensive Fire Scene Documentation

Enhance your reports with instant floor plans that give you the whole picture of a fire scene

Create structured, customized reports adhering to NFPA 921 standards and send them to your clients and other stakeholders directly from the app, ensuring accurate and thorough documentation of each fire scene.

Fire scene investigation floor plan evidence in ipad with witness information from the fire departmemt

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