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Independent Adjuster

Document everything in half the time with instant floor plans, pictures, and notes. 

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magicplan for Claims Adjusters

Adjusting claims has never been easier

Create damage reports in a matter of minutes:

  • Instant floor plan on your device
  • Photos (including photo markup), notes, and annotations for better context
  • Job-specific forms, questionnaires, and checklists
  • Compatible 360° & Thermal cameras
  • Accurate cost estimates

Share a project with a link or generate a ready-to-use PDF and send it to the insurance company and the policy owner before you even leave.


Handling Property Insurance Claims

The smarter way of doing photo reports.

Create structured reports of your inspections with sketches, photos, and notes that everyone understands.

IA report

What users are saying about magicplan

Josh Winton Discreet Restoration

"Being able to create an estimate immediately following the production of a floor plan, all within the same app, makes magicplan a must-have for my company. " Read more ➝

Jeremy Newman Crown Restoration

"Having the estimating built in makes everything a lot quicker because we don’t have to switch between systems. So, we can create an invoice right there at the job site, and we actually use that document to bill for the work we do." Read more ➝

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 10.51.20
Tom Gassenmeyer Santec Sanierung

"With magicplan, we can work much more effectively outside of the office. Anyone can send a drawing from outside, while on the road, and can also access it again and change things." Read more ➝

Ian Elmer Warren Restoration

"magicplan has everything we could ask for. It's intuitive, user friendly, fast, and mobile. We can conduct site inspections and provide an estimate before departing from the customer." Read more ➝

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 10.14.44
Alex Marsango Prokil Damp & Timber

"When a client looks at one of our reports, which is quite comprehensive, and then sees that we have a nice, detailed plan that looks professional, I think it helps give more credibility to our company." Read more ➝


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