Mastering estimating with magicplan

Are you considering magicplan as your estimating tool? Join this free webinar with one of our magicplan experts for a comprehensive guide to give you a head start!


This 60-minute webinar will give you an in-depth walkthrough on setting up a price list template, managing price lists in the cloud, and using the app to create estimates.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a price list with the magicplan template.

  • Learn how to set up modules and manage price list updates and team access in the Cloud.

  • Get a head start with an estimating best practice guide from your magicplan expert.

Dan Hofmann
Game changer
magicplan allows me to provide an accurate and beautiful estimate on the spot, for 100k plus worth of work, sign it up and send out the material orders before I'm out of the driveway, it's unlimited really.