Using magicplan as a restoration professional

If you’re a restoration and remediation industry professional, this webinar is a must! While no specialized training is necessary to get started with magicplan, this webinar will give you the extra knowledge and insights, so your technicians get the most out of magicplan.

In this free 90 minute webinar, we will cover creating inspection forms and price lists, how to incorporate magicplan into your operations as well as tips and tricks to make you a magicplan pro.

Duration: 90 minutes

Busy schedule?

Watch a pre-recorded webinar on your own time.


What you'll learn


Create reports and price lists

Learn how to create industry specific inspection report templates and price lists.


Bolster operations

See how you can incorporate magicplan into your operations for maximum cost savings.


Pro tips and tricks

Follow along as your host shows you valuable tips and tricks to make you a magicplan pro.