Supercharge your workflows with Zapier

This 30-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can use Zapier to set up software integrations with magicplan. Zapier allows you to connect with over 2,000 websites and apps — no technical skills required.


Getting integrations to work is often cumbersome and requires extra effort from developers. This is where our new partner Zapier comes in. Zapier's easy-to-use visual workflow builder allows you to connect magicplan with other applications with no technical skills required.

What you will learn:

  • How to connect magicplan to Zapier
  • How to use Triggers and Actions
  • How to connect magicplan to files storage systems
  • How to connect magicplan to CRMs and Project Management Software
  • How to connect magicplan to communication platforms
Everything is so clean I don't even know how to do any of this stuff and I got it right away like I've been doing it for years!